2018 yearly meeting

DAY 1 (Wed, Aug 29th)

9:20 Absil Welcome address
Science highlights 1 9:30 Christiaens NACO transition disk survey
Manufacturing & testing 10:00 Forsberg (remote) Latest news from ZOG manufacturing
11:00 Jolivet Performance testing with VODCA
11:30 Zhang Focal-plane wavefront sensing on VODCA
12:00 Piron Polarimetric characterization
Science highlights 2 14:00 Christiaens Characterizing companions with IFS
Manufacturing & testing 14:30 Delacroix Progress with charge-4 ZOGs & beyond
Instrumental projects 15:00 Absil SPHERE upgrade
16:00 Xuan NIRC2 performance & predictions
16:30 Mawet NIRC2 upgrade
17:00 all Discussion

DAY 2 (Thu, Aug 30th)

9:20 Absil Announcements / logistics
Science highlights 3 9:30 Reggiani Searching for protoplanets with NIRC2
Instrumental projects 10:00 Defrère LBT prospects
11:00 Absil METIS & NEAR projects
Performance & simulations 11:30 Pathak The HEEPS package
12:00 Carlomagno METIS performance simulations
14:00 Falla Influence of atmospheric dispersion
Future 14:30 Snik LCP vortex and future applications
15:00 Delacroix Lessons learned with a high-contrast IFS
16:00 Orban Prospects with SALTO and medium-class telescopes
16:30 Loicq Perspectives for space applications
17:00 all Discussion (next steps, funding opportunities, etc)

DAY 3 (Fri, Aug 31st)

9:20 Absil Announcements / logistics
Science highlights 4 9:30 Rainot The Carina High-contrast Imaging Project of massive Stars
Image processing 10:00 Gomez Mainstream processing techniques (review + VIP status)
11:00 Cantalloube Latest advances in image processing (review)
11:30 Pairet STIM detection map
12:00 Lambein Matrix completion & graph-regularized matrix factorization
14:00 Cantalloube Combining ANDROMEDA with PCA
14:30 Absil Using cross-correlations on IFS data
14:45 Louppe Introduction to deep learning
15:00 Gomez Deep neural networks for exoplanet imaging
16:00 Pairet Disk detection and inverse methods
16:30 Louppe Likelihood-free inference
17:00 all Discussion (incl. data challenge)


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