Vortex helps discover a low-mass brown dwarf around a debris disk star

The L-band vortex coronagraph installed on VLT/NACO was used to follow up the discovery of a low-mass companion around a debris disk star, obtained in the context of the SHARDDS survey (PI: Julien Milli) carried out with the 2nd generation VLT/SPHERE high-contrast imager. The NACO data obtained thanks to the vortex coronagraph demonstrate that the faint point-like source is physically associated to the star HD206893, and provide a first estimation of the infrared colors of the companion, showing an unusually red color.

Original paper: Milli et al. 2016, A&A 597, L2

Full text available on arXiv.

Welcome Gilles!

We have the pleasure to welcome Gilles Orban de Xivry in the VORTEX team at ULg. Gilles has obtained his PhD thesis at theMax-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik in 2014. He will be working on the integration of our ALPAO deformable mirror onto the VODCA coronagraphic test bench over the next 6 months.

L-band vortex offered to the community on NIRC2

The NIRC2 L-Band Vortex Coronagraph will be available for science in shared risk mode in 2016B. WMKO is working on official documentation for the new instrument capability (hopefully out by the end of the week), but given that the NASA proposal deadline is one week away on March 17, you may use the information in the September 2015 presentation given by Dimitri Mawet at Caltech.  Dimitri is the primary point of contact and users are encouraged to contact him prior to proposing. Once more documentation is available, it will be linked on the WMKO instruments page.

Complete proposal call information can be found here: http://nexsci.caltech.edu/missions/KeckSolicitation/